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Backlit Fabric Benefits

How do you want to showcase your logo or images that reinforce your brand?

Make an impact with LED lighting and backlit fabric that can feature a range of textures and translucency. The option is ideal for signs, banners, displays, and light boxes.

Backlit fabric graphics are easy to see in both indoor and outdoor settings without having a washed-out appearance. To accomplish this, we print in three layers with the image first, white translucent layer second, and the image again third.

Backlit fabric signs are produced on PETG, acrylic and clear polycarbonate.

Customers like the design flexibility we offer. For example, we can create a unique look by limiting the white print to only certain areas or we can print the bottom layer to allow for a message to appear only when lit.

We accommodate several printing material choices, including PETG, acrylic and clear polycarbonate. Graphics are created with LED lighting and a dye sublimation transfer printing process. The high-resolution images and exceptional backlit fabric ensures dramatic color and clear text.

Produced with state-of-the-art equipment, our professionally finished signs are available at great prices with responsive turnaround.

Silicone edge graphics (SEG) involve fabric and frame systems that showcase images with distinctive appearances – both the sheer size and the vibrancy they offer. You benefit from the dye sublimation prints supported by an aluminum frame that can barely be seen given the outstanding graphics that make an impact from any distance in retail, theater, concert venues, airports, trade shows, and other settings. Although designs vary, we sew a thin silicone beading along each edge of the graphics.

Contact us today about a custom backlit fabric solution. Customers rely on Lake Graphics Label and Sign Co. Inc. for all their digital printing needs. We handle projects other companies can’t or won’t take on. 

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