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Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) Printing

Nothing is bolder or gets your message across better than the latest in graphic display style and technology—silicone edge graphics. Perfect for everything from retail signage to custom tradeshow applications, silicone edge graphic displays project a modern, seamless and sleek image for your brand or product.

What Is SEG?

Silicone edge graphics, otherwise referred to as SEG, utilize a high-resolution dye printed on a soft polyester-based fabric material. This style of graphic display gets its name from the thin silicone strip or gasket sewn around the edge of the printed graphic, for a smooth, wrinkle-free and edge-to-edge image after being inserted into an aluminum frame. The fabric used for this style graphic printing resists scratching or tearing, is easier and more economical to ship than paper or rigid signage without risk of damage in transit.


Utilizing dye sublimation inks, the material is sent through a heat calendar to “bloom” the inks, creating eye popping color that actually becomes part of the fabric. Unlike direct printed fabrics using u.v. or solvent inks, dye sublimated fabric is soft flexible and the color more intense as the ink is actually part of the fabric.


Launching a new campaign or new product line? Changing seasons, messaging or color scheme? The SEG framework and ease of assembly means a customer can change their look at any time without the need for professional installers. Once the frame is installed, changing graphics is a simple as pulling out the old one and inserting the new one into the channels. This is a particularly attractive feature for retail outlets whose merchandise changes with the seasons, or corporations displaying new slogans or products at annual trade shows or conferences.


Silicone edge graphics offer greater visibility than other forms of graphic displays. The internal framework means the entire display up to the edges of the seams, is available for artwork and messaging.

In addition, the soft fabric surface and printing ink used for SEG panels means no glare, compared to some plastic-based graphic surfaces or artwork covered in glass. No matter how where your imagery needs to be displayed, from the rafters of a convention hall to window displays on a fashionable street, your messaging will be visible to your audience.


We design the frame and sizing according to your needs. And of course, all artwork is customizable to display your branding, corporate colors, product imagery or messaging.

Advantages and benefits include:

  • Photorealistic imagery
  • Lightweight interior metal frames
  • Reduced shipping costs compared to heavier, standard signs/displays
  • Seamless finished display
  • Backlit or illuminated panels (with internal lighting)
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable, yet soft fabric
  • Various mounting possibilities
    • Wall mounted
    • Free standing
    • Suspended from ceiling
    • Embedded into display
  • Beyond flat panel, SEG lends itself to multiple shapes and styles including:
    • Cubes
    • Pedestals
    • Counters
    • Towers
    • Cubicles

Bring us your ideas and Lake Graphics will work with you to create the custom size, shape and images that will display your organization to its best advantage, using silicone edge graphics. Contact us or call (216) 898-9977 to learn more about our capabilities.

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