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Silicone Edge Graphics Printing Service

Known for our versatility, we can create silicone edge graphics (SEG) to create the perfect visual impact for your brand. 
We can produce high quality graphics even with tight timelines to ensure that your business conveys the best message in the right way. It’s all possible because of our expertise and the exceptional printing systems we use.

Product Details

No matter what your application may be, our designers and product engineers will ensure that your lightweight graphics reflect the size, color, style you have in mind. Rely on us for long-lasting products that are easy to install and work well in many different environments. 

Our Capabilities

We’re always up for the challenges that digital printing can bring. Quite often, we take on complex projects that others either can’t or won’t even consider. We look after our customers’ interests rather than turn them down. You deserve the best look whether it’s a corporate lobby or your corner of a major industry trade show. 

When you choose Lake Graphics Label and Sign Co. Inc. for durable labels printing, you get competitive pricing for higher quality, faster turnaround, and better service. 

We routinely produce impressive results with the latest equipment. For example, the 3.2-meter Rhotex 325 from Durst features a dual-purpose printing system that combines direct-to textile printing with dye sublimation transfer printing technology. Depending on the application and fabric, this printing system can alternate between paper transfer and direct printing on polyester-based materials in no time.  

The Durst WTS printhead technology achieves an exceptionally high-quality print using water-based environmentally friendly dispersion inks for various printing materials. It reaches a printing speed of up to 4,195 sq ft/hour. 

Silicone edge graphics (SEG) involve fabric and frame systems that showcase images with distinctive appearances – both the sheer size and the vibrancy they offer. You benefit from the dye sublimation prints supported by an aluminum frame that can barely be seen given the outstanding graphics that stand out up close and from far away in retail, theater, and other settings. Although designs vary, we sew a thin silicone beading along each edge of the graphics. 

At Lake Graphics Label and Sign Co. Inc. we take pride in providing professional digital printing services with faster turnaround times at competitive prices. And after working with our expert, friendly and professional staff, you won’t want to take your silicone edge graphics to anywhere else. 
Contact us today for more information or call (216) 400-9258. 

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