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Coroplast Signs

Coroplast signs provide an inexpensive option for lightweight, waterproof promotional signage for short-term outdoor or long-term indoor use.

Coroplast Signs Product Details

Coroplast, or corrugated plastic, offers a cost-effective solution for temporary outdoor or indoor signs that look professional without breaking the budget. Because it is more durable, coroplast is preferred by many over poster board and foamcore. Plus it is waterproof, cleanable and can withstand weather extremes.

Coroplast may be easily mounted in a wide variety of ways from suction cups, double-sided tape or velcro to self-supported, framed or staked. Get creative and allow your promotional, tradeshow, menu board, informational or directional and other signs to show off your text and graphics – in any shape and size.

With Lake Graphics Label and Sign Co. Inc. not only will you get great prices on printing services, you will get professionally finished coroplast signs that showcase your information. And we make every job pleasant, easy and fast, so you’ll never want to take your signage business elsewhere.

Coroplast Sign Printing Capabilities

We have several cutting-edge printers capable of printing coroplast signs up to 3.2 meters wide in 8-color process. Signs can be printed one- or two-sided and then cut square or contour cut to custom shapes.

Finally, we take pride in handling difficult projects that other sign printers are unable or unwilling to take on. And if you also need signs on more long-lasting or specialized materials or banners, promotional decals, stickers, or more – we can print those too.

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