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Aluminum Signs

Great for outdoor use, aluminum signs are lightweight, simple to mount and last for years as they are waterproof, rust-proof and resist chemicals.

Aluminum Signs Product Details

Aluminum signs provide a cost-effective, durable and highly flexible solution for indoor and outdoor signage. With a smooth finish, aluminum signs look professional for use as real estate, traffic and regulatory, informational or service signs or for pop-up displays. Because aluminum is waterproof and rust-proof, it is also a good option for signs around pools and spas and other wet or humid environments. Aluminum signs may be framed, staked, glued, riveted or bolted to walls or even wired to fencing. At Lake Graphics Label and Sign Co. Inc. we can produce your aluminum signs in any size, shape, design or color and one- or two-sided. We can also laminate them to provide additional U.V., durability and weather protection.

When you choose us to produce your digitally printed signs, you can expect competitive prices for higher quality printing services, faster turnaround times and expert, friendly staff. Once you work with us, you won’t want to produce your aluminum signs anywhere else.

Aluminum Sign Printing Capabilities

We utilize a variety of state-of-the-art equipment, which we regularly expand, in order to meet even the most demanding sign and other digital printing needs. We also take pride in handling difficult projects that others are unable or unwilling to take on. And if you also need signs on other materials, banners, promotional decals, stickers or more – we can print those too.

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