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Finishing Services

Digital Printing

Our customers love working with Lake Graphics Label and Sign Co. Inc. because our full range of printing and finishing equipment allows us to do more in-house than many other printing services. And we can do it more quickly, too.

Our extensive range of finishing services enables us to produce a wide variety of the most difficult and custom projects for labels, signage and wide format graphics.

Fulfillment and Delivery

We will drop ship your completed project while it’s still hot off the press. We can ship all products to a single address or send in batches to multiple locations. And we keep our packaging plain and discrete.

Custom Die-Cutting

We have a wide variety of standard dies available for your project which allows customers to avoid a die charge on most standard sized labels. Custom dies are also available for special shapes.

Laminating and Coating

We can laminate and coat with a variety of finishes – and we will recommend to you what is best for your material, location and usage.

Hemming and Grommeting

We’ll put those finishing touches on your banners so they are ready to be installed as soon as you unpack them. We also offer roping and webbing.


While heat welding is an effective way to finish off the edges of your banner, sewing gives the finished piece a clean and ultra high quality look, and it will stay that way throughout all of the packing, travel, and placing of your banners. The Impulsa Synchromatic is a high quality and efficient industrial sewing machine that allows us to offer precise, sturdy finishes for your soft signage.

Sheeted Labels

Sheeted labels are an ideal solution for digital printing applications in which labels are required to be individually cut for distribution. Because of our digital label printing capability, unique designs or text may be printed on a single sheet or multiple sheets, and multiple designs can be printed in a single run. We can also sheet off products, like bumper stickers, that are produced on a roll into individual stacks.

Tandem Cutting Table

We have a state-of-the-art Zund cutting table that is 3.2mtr x 3.2mtr with a roll-off unit that allows for cutting of roll or sheeted product. It also has a tandem feature allowing us to load and unload while cutting on the other side. This significantly improves our throughput allowing us to handle large or small runs.

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